Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Spring semester (and the last couple of years, really) were challenging, to say the least. That's why we are extra proud of our graduates who have persevered and achieved their goals, in light of Zoom and hybrid learning, teletherapy, loss of person-to-person camaraderie, and so many other inconveniences.

We are so proud of you and celebrate your bright futures (included in italics, if known).

Doctor of Philosophy in Speech and Hearing Science

csd spring 22 phd grads
Congratulations to Soumya Venkitakrishnan and Erik Jorgensen, who earned their PhD degrees. Both pursued the AuD/PhD combined degree, and both were mentored by Dr. Yu-Hsiang Wu.


Erik Jorgensen, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Fall 2022)
Soumya Venkitakrishnan, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, California State University-Sacramento (Fall 2022)

Doctor of Audiology

audiology class of 2022
At left, Jon Stirn, gives his capstone presentation, "Multidisciplinary Care at its Finest!" describing his experiences in the ILEND program. Right, the AuD Class of 2022.


Katherine Bergin, Externship at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Brighton MA
Caroline Cross, Externship at Yale Hearing and Balance Center, New Haven CT
Emily Hanson, Complete externship with Iowa LEND program, UIHC Center for Disabilities and Development, Iowa City IA
Erin Kaufmann, Children's Hospital, Los Angeles CA
Meredith Kromer-Edwards, Externship at Veterans Affairs Hospital, Iowa City IA
Ariana Mihalakakos, Externship at University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville VA
Ellen Scarborough, Michigan Medical, Ann Arbor MI
Jonathan Stirn, Externship with Iowa LEND program, UIHC Center for Disabilities and Development, Iowa City IA, and and Keystone AEA
Ty Tanker, OSF Health Care, Illinois Neurological Institute, Peoria, IL
Soumya Venkitakrishnan, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, California State University-Sacramento (Fall 2022)

Master of Arts in Speech Pathology & Audiology

MA-SLP Class of 22
The future is bright for the MA-SLP Class of 2022. Bravo!


Jackie Cano
Laurel Coddington, Seven Bridges Therapy, Sunnyvale CA
Thea Cornwell, Clinical fellowship in acute care and inpatient rehabilitation, Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN
Danielle Ernest, Outpatient pediatric SLP specializing in cleft lip & palate, Texas Children's Hospital, Houston TX
Emily Forsythe, Clinical fellowship at Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Hospital, Hines IL (near Chicago)
Bethany Frederich
Hanna Henderson, Destination: Syracuse NY!
Kristen Hyland, Access Therapy, private pediatric clinic, Spartanburg SC
Lexi Keegan, Witwer Children's Therapy, Cedar Rapids IA
Madison Kroehler, Fraser pediatric outpatient clinic, Minneapolis MN
Anushka Laddhad
Haley Madura
Alexis Mansour, Clinical Fellowship, UI Pediatric Audiology Lab (70% research / 30% client care in WJSHC), Iowa City IA
Margaret McGrath, Inpatient and outpatient care, Shenandoah Medical Center, Shenandoah IA
Madeline Narducci, Childserve, Iowa City IA
Mary Nevins, Clinical Fellowship, Communication Clubhouse, Roscoe Village, Chicago IL
Mallory Park
Anna Sagan
Anna Tulley
Haley Vaughn
Hailey Verdick, CI Pediatric Therapies (outpatient clinic), Madison WI
Meghan Wickham, Pediatric SLP at MercyOne Riverside Rehabilitation Clinic, Des Moines IA
Mary Wille

Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Science

Anne Argo Ashley Fritz Erin McCormick Emma Schmudlach
Magdalene Bandyk Emily Garcia Kelly McDonough Lydia Seelhammer
Victoria Banowetz Danielle Geneser Hannah McNeal Abigayle Shekleton
Isabel Bebber Grace Gould Lillian Merchan Olivia Silva- Nano
Jessica Bednar Hannah Greene Emily Merritt Dakota Sliter
Nyah Block Melissa Guerra Klayre Michel Kaylor Smith
Jayden Bohnsack Avery Guy Tori Miller Gina Sobecki
Danielle Bonewitz Reagan Guy Damaris Mirea Taber Squibb
Camryn Brown Autumn Harlan Madeline Monahan Rachel Stipanovich
Eleanor Brownell Paige Harlan Camila Morales Arianna Summa
Allison Buerschen Tessa Keeton Grace Morgan Gwendolyn Sweeney
Taylor Cass Olivia King Baylee Muench Brittney Tebbe
Yuxi Chen Hannah Krug Alexa Neal Krista Thuer
Camryn Cline Alyssa LaRoi Haley Norcross Abigail VanOtterloo
Erin Connolly Olivia Leppert Hannah ODonnell Amanda Vecellio
Alexandra Contursi Adriana Littlegeorge Taylor Park Kaeli Verbrugge
Shelby Cooper Megan Lorden Anna Patton Rylee Vogt
Lily Croke Alexis Louwagie Katherine Peck Bryanna Waltz
Mari Crowley Michelle Magalhaes Emma Peters Delaney Ward
Lauren Culbertson Kayla Malsch Brianna Robertson Xing Wei
Brigette Dakovich Stephanie Markos Lenette Ruiz Nicole Wichhart
Morgan Filippini Brandi Marticoff Ruby Saltzman Evita Woolsey