Bob McMurray, Ph.D.

Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Bob McMurray CV

Research focus
Bob McMurray's research examines spoken and written word recognition across the lifespan, in children, adult and aging populations, and individuals with a variety of language and hearing disorders. His research seeks to apply theories and methods from cognitive science to real-world development and disorders, using techniques like eye-tracking, EEG, computational models and MRI. 

Courses taught

  • PSY/LING 3670: Language Processes
  • PSY 7610: Language
  • PSY/LING/CSD 6101 and 6102: Cognitive Science of Language Proseminar

Selected publications / active grants

  • Roembke, T., Hazeltine, E., Reed, D., and McMurray, B. (2021) Automaticity as an Independent Trait in Predicting Reading Outcomes in Middle-School. Developmental Psychology, 57(3), 361-375
  • Sarrett, M., McMurray, B., and Kapnoula, E. (2020) Dynamic EEG analysis during language comprehension reveals interactive cascades between perceptual processing and semantic expectations.  Brain and Language, 211, 104875
  • McMurray, B., Klein-Packard, J., and Tomblin, J.B. (2019) A real-time mechanism underlying lexical deficits in developmental language disorder: Between-word inhibition. Cognition, 19, 10400
  • McMurray, B., Ellis, T.E., and Apfelbaum, K.S. (2019) How do you deal with uncertainty? Cochlear Implant users differ in the dynamics of lexical processing of non-canonical inputs. Ear and Hearing, 40(4), 961-980
Research areas
  • Speech-Language Pathology
Bob McMurray
Contact Information

278 Psychological and Brain Sciences Building (PBSB)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States