Shawn Goodman, Ph.D., CCC-A

Associate Professor

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Research focus
As a researcher, Shawn Goodman's training is in auditory physiology, neuroscience, and acoustics. As an audiologist, he also has strong clinical interests, with a passion for understanding the mechanics of the peripheral auditory system and how to apply that understanding in clinically useful ways, with expertise in areas of cochlear mechanics, particularly with otoacoustic emissions, in both animal models and human participants. His audiology background and work with human participants is a strength for linking the results from animal models to issues important for clinical application in humans. Over the course of 15 years, he has built and refined a custom software/hardware system for making physiological measurements, particularly from the auditory periphery. His software and hardware system, Auditory Research Lab audio software (ARLas), has been successfully used for data collection in many laboratories across the country, and it includes capabilities for calibration, simultaneous multi-channel output and multi-channel recording, and file management.

Courses taught

  • CSD:5224 System & Signal Theory
  • CSD:5256 Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing
  • CSD:5320 Applied Statistics & Evidence-Based Practice
  • CSD:5219 Fundamentals of Lab Instrumentation
  • CSD:2111 Acoustics

Selected publications / active grants

  • Goodman, Shawn S; Boothalingam, Sriram; Lichtenhan, Jeffery T; (2021) Medial olivocochlear reflex effects on amplitude growth functions of long-and short-latency components of click-evoked otoacoustic emissions in humans, Journal of Neurophysiology, 125 (5), 1938-1953.
  • Goodman, SS; Lee, C; Guinan JJ Jr, Lichtenhan, JT; (2020) The spatial origins of cochlear amplification assessed by stimulus-frequency otoacoustic emissions, Biophysical Journal, 118 (5), 1183-1195.
  • Guinan, JJ; Lefler, SM; Buchman, CA; Goodman, SS; Lichtenhan, JT; (2021) Altered mapping of sound frequency to cochlear place in ears with endolymphatic hydrops provide insight into the pitch anomaly of diplacusis, Scientific Reports, 11 (1), 9-Jan.
  • Boothalingam, Sriram; Goodman, Shawn S; (2021) Click evoked middle ear muscle reflex: Spectral and temporal aspects, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 149 (4), 2628-2643.
  • Lee, C; Valenzuela, CV; Goodman, SS; Kallogjeri, D; Buchman, CA; Lichtenhan, JT; (2020) Early detection of endolymphatic hydrops using the auditory nerve overlapped waveform (ANOW) Neuroscience, 425, 251-266.
  • Valenzuela, Carla V; Lee, Choongheon; Mispagel, Abby; Bhattacharyya, Atri; Lefler, Shannon
  • M; Payne, Shelby; Goodman, Shawn S; Ortmann, Amanda J; Buchman, Craig A; Rutherford, Mark A; (2020) Is cochlear synapse loss an origin of low-frequency hearing loss associated with endolymphatic hydrops? Hearing Research, 398, 108099.
  • Walia, Amit; Lee, Choongheon; Hartsock, Jared James; Goodman, Shawn; Dolle, Roland; Salt, Alec Nicholas; Lichtenhan, Jeffery; Rutherford, Mark A; (2021) Reducing auditory nerve excitability by acute antagonism of Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptors, Frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience, 13, 34.
  • Lefler, RK Duncan, SS Goodman, JJ Guinan Jr, JT Lichtenhan. (2021). Measurements from ears with endolymphatic hydrops and 2-Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin provide evidence that loudness recruitment can have a cochlear origin. Frontiers in Neuroscience, "Hydropic Ear Disease: Imaging and Functional Evaluation". Accepted Sept 2, 2021.
Research areas
  • Audiology and Hearing Science
shawn goodman
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127-A Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center (SHC)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States