Monday, March 27, 2023

SURF 2023

Ten undergraduate Speech and Hearing Science majors (including 7 Honors Students) showcased their work at the Spring Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF) March 29, from 4-6 pm at University Capitol Center.

Bravo to these students and their proud mentors!

Melissa Cronnolly, Conversation Study, Mentors: Drs. Si On Yoon and Stewart McCauley

Kila Haney, Compensatory and Facilitative Gesture Use in People with Aphasia, Mentor: Dr. Jean Gordon

Jessica Hoffeller, Partner-specific adaptation in disfluency processing, Mentor: Dr. Si On Yoon

Alyssa Thompson, M&M: Modifiers and their Effect on Memory in Younger and Older Adults, Mentor: Dr. Si On Yoon

Saloni Upadhyay, Spoken and Written Word Recognition in Spanish-English Bilingual Older Adults, Mentor: Dr. Kristi Hendrickson

Katherine Westbrook, Grammar in Individuals with and without Aphasia, Mentor: Dr. Jean Gordon

Miranda Becker, Deriving Word Meaning from Written Contexts with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children, Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Walker

Lily Croke, Brain Training for Better Understanding of Speech in Noise, Mentor: Dr. Inyong Choi

Klayre Michel, Modeling the role of memory limitations in shaping young children's language abilities, Mentor: Dr. Stewart McCauley

Rachel White, Middle Ear Muscle Reflex in Human Listeners, Mentor: Dr. Shawn Goodman