The University of Iowa is a pioneer in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. Much of what is known about stuttering—and therapies for helping people who stutter—originated here, under the guidance of Dr. Wendell Johnson (1906-1965).

Today, the UI's Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Clinic offers many services for people who stutter and their families. Help is available.

An Iowa-produced video "Stuttering: Myths and Facts" featuring Clinical Professor Anu Subramanian and Professor Emeritus Tricia Zebrowski provides insight into the world of those who stutter.

Clinical educator Dr. Anu Subramanian works closely with University of Iowa's researcher in stuttering, Dr. Naomi Rodgers. Their collaboration is powerful for those interested in research and scholarship in the area of stuttering.


Diagnostic services are provided in the Clinic for individuals of all ages who have concerns about speech fluency or stuttering. The evaluation may include an initial assessment, consultation concerning previous evaluations and treatment, and recommendations for intervention.

Referrals for an evaluation are accepted from individuals as well as other professionals. The assessment is individualized to address specific questions or issues relative to each situation presented. The assessment may also include evaluation of other communication problems if indicated. Follow-up consultation concerning the results of the diagnostic session are then provided to the client.


A variety of clinical models may be used in speech therapy based on individualized goals. Therapy can focus on both modifying speech behaviors to make the observable speech behaviors more easy to enhance forward-flowing speech and the thoughts and feelings underlying stuttering. For many people who stutter, communication may be more impacted by their thoughts, feelings, and fears related to stuttering rather than the speech behavior themselves. Therapy sessions will focus on the goals of the client following a thorough evaluation and discussion. 

Individual as well as group sessions are available for children and adults throughout the calendar year. Intensive treatment options are also provided as appropriate, including services for individuals who do not live in the immediate vicinity of Iowa City or for clients who have work and other schedule conflicts which necessitate a more flexible therapy arrangement.

A summer program (UISpeaks) for kids and teens who stutter is a valuable opportunity to build communicative confidence and self-advocacy skills.


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Anu Subramanian, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
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