Do you...

  • Work in a loud environment?
  • Use power tools?
  • Mow the lawn or vacuum?
  • Listen to a personal music device?
  • Ride a motorcycle, snowmobile or an all terrain vehicle?

Are you a...

  • Hunter?
  • Musician or music director?
  • Fan of concerts or large sports venues?

Did you know...

  • Any situation in which you need to raise your voice for a person within arm's reach to hear you, such as those listed above, can result in a threat to your hearing?
  • It's not just the loudness of sound that can harm hearing, it is also the duration of the sound.
  • Special earplugs for musicians can provide protection for hearing while maintaining the frequency balance of music.
  • Research findings and tips are available for those with a hearing loss who wish to optimize their music-listening enjoyment.
  • We have easy-to-follow instructions for reducing the max volume on your iPhone.
  • Special earmuffs for hunters allow you to hear sounds in your environment and only block out sound when a loud noise (such as a gunshot) is present.
  • Earplugs are an inexpensive and comfortable way to protect your hearing during daily household chores, such as vacuuming and mowing the lawn. There are different styles and materials available from which to choose a comfortable pair for yourself.
  • We provide consultations, screenings, evaluations and hearing protection device fittings for a variety of needs. (Musicians, hunters, concert goers, sports enthusiasts, farmers)
  • You can discover both the decibel (loudness) level of everyday sounds and a safe duration for exposure to those sounds in our "How Loud is too loud?" poster.