Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Did you know CSD hosts a website that is completely devoted to helping the hard-working voices of schoolteachers stay healthy and strong? Visit the Voice Academy.

Cruising through the various classrooms, users explore topics such as:

  • How friendly (or unfriendly) classroom acoustics may affect the teacher's voice;
  • Which prescription medications* impact voice and speech;
  • What teachers can learn about safe vocal techniques from stage actors;
  • Which parts of the voice-making structures fatigue (and recover) easily or not-so-easily.

The Voice Academy is easy to use and free of any cost or obligation. While created for teachers, the website info will also benefit others in vocally-heavy professionals, such as salespersons, counselors, managers and others. 

* The Rx and Voice webpage was updated in Spring 2020, now providing information on nearly 300 of the most widely-prescribed medications.