Thursday, August 18, 2022
Naomi Rodgers and Patricia Zebrowski
Full circle: Naomi Rodgers (left) joins Iowa's CSD faculty this fall as an assistant professor. She earned her PhD at Iowa in 2019 under the mentorship of Patricia Zebrowski (also shown here).

Naomi Hertsberg Rodgers, PhD, CCC-SLP, joins the CSD faculty this fall as an assistant professor. Her research interests focus on developmental stuttering, concentrating on the cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of stuttering experiences and therapy. She has a unique interest in adolescence, as this is a pivotal stage of development when identities and habits take root just as social worries and mental health issues tend to burgeon.

Dr. Rodgers continues Iowa's long tradition of research and clinical advances in area of stuttering at the University of Iowa, as she succeeds her dissertation director, Dr. Patricia Zebrowski, Professor Emeritus.