Jean K. Gordon, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

Jean Gordon CV

Jean K. Gordon is Director of PhD Studies and Associate Professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at the University of Iowa.

Research Interests

Jean Gordon's research focuses on language production in typical and disordered aging, especially in individuals with aphasia. Two major areas of focus are comparing the mechanisms of word retrieval and its breakdown in these two populations, and examining mechanisms of fluent language production. She also investigates the role that language production patterns play in perceptions of aging and aphasia.

Courses taught

  • CSD:5146    Introduction to Neurogenic Language Disorders
  • CSD:6519    Evidence-Based Practice
  • CSD:5233    Aphasia
  • CSD:4165    Communication Disorders & Aging

Selected publications and/or active grants

  • Boyle, M., Gordon, J.K., Harnish, S.M., Kiran, S., Martin, N., Rose, M.L., Salis, C. (in press, accepted July 7, 2021). Evaluating cognitive-linguistic approaches to interventions for aphasia within the Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System (RTSS). Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
  • Shaw, C. & Gordon, J.K. (2021). Understanding elderspeak: An evolutionary concept analysis. Innovation in Aging, 5(3), 1-18.
  • Gordon, J.K. (2020). Factor analysis of spontaneous speech in aphasia. Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research, 63, 4127-4147.
  • Gordon, J.K. & Clough, S. (2020). How fluent? Part B. Underlying contributors to continuous measures of fluency in aphasia. Aphasiology, 34 (5), 643-663.


Research areas
  • Speech-Language Pathology
Jean Gordon

334-D Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center (SHC)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States