Kristi Hendrickson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Assistant Professor

Kristi Hendrickson CV

Research focus
Kristi Hendrickson's research focuses on how listeners and readers recognize spoken and written words, how they attach words to meaning, and how they use words earlier in a sentence to predict upcoming words. She and her research staff examine this process in a range of populations (children and adults, individuals with hearing loss, dual language learners). Eye-tracking and EEG (electroencephalogram) are tools of these investigations.  

Courses taught

  • CSD:3118 Language Acquisition
  • CSD:6538:0001 Seminar: Hearing Science
  • CSD:5104 School-age Language Disorders

Selected publications / active grants

  • NICHD R21 Investigating spoken and written word recognition in school-age dual language learners
  • Hendrickson, K., Oleson, J., & Walker, E. (2021). SchoolAge Children Adapt the Dynamics of Lexical Competition in Suboptimal Listening Conditions. Child Development92(2), 638-649.
  • Hendrickson, K., Love, T., Walenski, M., & Friend, M. (2019). The organization of words and environmental sounds in the second year: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence. Developmental science22(1), e12746.


Research areas
  • Speech-Language Pathology
Kristi Hendrickson

121-C Wendell Johnson Speech & Hearing Center (SHC)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States