Lady Catherine Cantor Cutiva, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Assistant Research Scientist

Research Focus

My research focuses on the interdisciplinary intersection of health sciences, occupational voice, and communication disorders. Through extensive investigations, I aim to understand the intricate relationships between vocology, occupational voice use, and various health parameters. My work examines the effects of vocal demands in professional contexts, including teachers, broadcasters, and other occupational voice users. I'm dedicated to advancing our knowledge of vocal health, identifying risk factors (including bilingualism), and developing evidence-based interventions that contribute to improved voice care and overall well-being.

Selected Publications

• Cantor Cutiva, Lady Catherine; Vogel, Ineke; Burdorf, Alex.  Voice disorders in teachers and their associations with work-related factors: a systematic review. Journal of Communication Disorders. 2013, 46(2): 143-55

• Hunter, Eric J; Cantor-Cutiva, Lady Catherine; van Leer, Eva; van Mersbergen, Miriam; Nanjundeswaran, Chaya Devie; Bottalico, Pasquale; Sandage, Mary J; Whitling, Susanna. (2020). Toward a consensus description of Vocal Effort, Vocal Load, Vocal Loading, and Vocal Fatigue. Journal of Speech-Language and Hearing Research. 63(2), 509-532

• Castillo-Allendes, A., Contreras-Ruston, F., Cantor, L., Codino, J., Guzman, M., Malebran, C., ... & Behlau, M. (2021). Voice therapy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic; recommendations for clinical practice. Journal of Voice, 35 (5), 717-727

• Cantor Cutiva, Lady Catherine; Burdorf, Alex. Medical costs and productivity costs due to voice symptoms among teachers. Journal of Voice. 2015, 29(6): 776.e15-22

• Cantor-Cutiva, L. C., Bottalico, P., Nudelman, C., Webster, J., & Hunter, E. J. (2021). Do voice acoustic parameters differ between bilingual English-Spanish speakers and monolingual English speakers during English productions? Journal of Voice, 35(2), 194-202

• Pineda-Pérez, E., Calvache, C., & Cantor-Cutiva, L. C. (2021). Bibliometric Analysis and Review of Literature on the Relationship Between Voice Production and Bilingualism. Journal of Voice. In Press

Areas of Interest

My areas of interest span a wide range of topics within vocology, occupational voice, and health sciences. Specifically, I'm passionate about:

• Work-related voice disorders
• Voice and Classroom Acoustics
• Bilingualism and Voice
• Voice symptoms and psychosocial factors
• Evidence-Based Practices in vocology