Thursday, April 27, 2023
Trudy Jacobs, Neila Bell, Maryann Quigley
Award-winning production team: Trudy Jacobs, Neila Bell, and Maryann Quigley

Congratulations to AuD students Neila Bell, Trudy Jacobs, and Maryann Quigley! This trio won a monetary prize and theatre tickets for creating award-winning materials for the Riverside Theatre in Iowa City to help patrons with hearing loss. The theatre recently obtained a new loop system, but needed clear, easy information to encourage its use with personal hearing aids or receivers provided by the theatre. The three students took up the challenge and created a brief video, FAQs, and a 1-page informational handout. Reviewers of their production applauded the quality and professionalism of the students' instructional materials.

Bravo Maryann, Neila, and Trudy!