This summer preschool program promotes spoken language skills of children ages 3-5 with hearing impairments who use either cochlear implants or hearing aids. The preschool meets two mornings a week for six weeks during the summer.

The structure for Listen and Speak Up includes thematically-based group sessions to promote communication skill development in natural learning situations, as well as individual sessions (two 30-minute speech/language therapy sessions each day and one 30-minute audiological diagnostic session each week) to focus attention on each child's needs. Music therapy provides a unique opportunity to focus on listening / music while reinforcing child's auditory to speech production and language goals. Parent conferences are held weekly.

The Listen and Speak Up summer preschool program was featured in a video for the LiveBIG series on the Big Ten Network, a series that features stories of innovation, impact and inspiration.

Clinical Coordinators

Meaghan Foody, M.S., CCC-SLP
Clinical Assistant Professor

Eun Kyung (Julie) Jeon, Ph.D., CCC-A
Clinical Assistant Professor